How to Make a Dance Costume

Dancing can be vigorous, and it demands a great range of movement. Wearing the wrong apparel can inhibit a dancer and prevent her from doing a full range of movement. Many simply can't afford a professional dance costume that works for them, so they labor over a handmade option. However, creating a good dance costume doesn't have to be a great deal of work. You can make your own dance costume at home.

Measure out the dimensions of your dancer's waist and your fabric accordingly. This will be the skirt of the costume.

Gather the fabric with pins to hold your skirt in place while you measure the elastic to fit. Release the pins to sew.

Sew the elastic onto the skirt fabric while the fabric lays flat to create the elastic waist. If the fabric is still gathered with pins, it will sew unevenly. You should also sew up the loose seam of the fabric to close the skirt.

Hand sew the sequins along the neckline of the bathing suit, and along the straps, carefully in a straight line. Using a machine will damage the sequins if you are inexperienced. Pink is a very popular color for this type of costume.

Hand sew sequins onto the newly made skirt. You can use words like "Dancer," "Jazz" or "Ballerina" to add spice to the outfit. If you choose not to use words, make sure that the sequins are neatly applied in a line. Either assemble the sequins along the top of the band or both the top and bottom of the band.

Dress your dancer in your finished creation. You will notice the sequins and the sparkle give the ensemble a professional flair. Your dancer will have a full range of motion due to the great stretch and coverage of the one-piece bathing suit.