How to Make a Chiffon Scarf

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Chiffon -- the French word for "cloth" -- is a light fabric made from silk, cotton or synthetic threads that drapes elegantly and is ideal scarf material. One of the desirable qualities of chiffon is that the fabric is woven to have a prism-like effect in that light both shines through and is reflected. Chiffon is a delicate material to work with, so taking the extra time will result in a better scarf.

Pick the shape -- square, rectangular, oblong -- that looks best on you. A tall, thin woman may want to get a long scarf to weave around her neck and let hang; a shorter woman may prefer a small scarf that ties at the neck.

Select the fabric. Take time to think about exactly what sort of scarf you want to make. If you are buying silk chiffon, it can represent a considerable investment, so be sure the pattern and weight are exactly what you want before you ask the clerk to cut it for you.

Draw the scarf design you want on a piece of paper to use as a pattern. Another option is to use a scarf you like and trace it.

Pin the pattern to the fabric using the smallest pins you have so as not to damage the material. Because chiffon is so fine, it ravels easily, so handle it carefully. Stay as close to the edge as you can so that any pin marks will be covered when you hem the scarf.

Cut the material with sharp scissors. Dull scissors will leave the fabric looking as though it has been chewed, rather than cut crisply.

Roll the edge of the fabric inward to form a small circle. Pin it in place to hold it while you sew.

Thread the needle with a single thread and knot the end with as small a knot as you can make. Start on the inside for the first stitch, as this will hide the knot.

Hand-stitch the hem carefully. Remove the pins as soon as you can so they don’t leave marks.

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