How to Make a Blow Pop Bouquet

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Flowers can be expensive and short-lived. If you are searching for an endearing gift or a whimsical centerpiece, a Blow Pop bouquet may be a simple solution. You can even insert a fake flower at the center of the bunch for an amusing finish. Have your guests take the lollipops home so the centerpieces double as party favors. Memorable and tasty, this candy arrangement with be pleasing to your friends as well as your wallet.

Assemble eight to 10 blow pops in a bunch. You may want to group them based on color or flavor. Wrap a rubber band around the sticks to secure them together.

Cut a square of tissue paper to cover the sticks. You may want to color-coordinate with the lollipops. Place the tissue paper over the sticks so the corners come around the heads of the lollipops, creating a flourish. Do this carefully so as not to rip the tissue paper.

Measure a length of ribbon to wrap around the tissue paper. Ensure that it is long enough to tie a bow. Again, you may choose to match the ribbon to the color of the lollipops and tissue paper.

Tie the ribbon in a bow, securing the tissue paper. Glue the ribbon if necessary. You can stick a colorful fake flower in the center of your bouquet for an entertaining finale.

Repeat steps one through four until you have as many blow pop bouquets as you need. Place each bouquet in a vase if you are using them as centerpieces, and set them attractively on each table. If you are giving them as gifts, you may want to skip the vases.