How to Make a Back Scratcher

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Sometimes, you get an itch on your back in a difficult place to reach, and the itch drives you crazy. All you need is a corn cob and a few items available at your local hardware store to fix your problem for good. Corn cobs are not only delicious to eat, but they last a long time when dried. Eat an afternoon snack and fix your itch issue by eating and using a corn cob.

Purchase an 18-inch wood dowel with a half-inch diameter. Precut wooden dowels are available at your local hardware stores.

Eat or remove the corn kernels from a corn cob. Wash the corn cob with water and let dry for one day.

Cut the corn cob to the length of three inches. Drill a half-inch hole into the core of the corn cob using a power drill and 1/2-inch drill bit.

Pour glue into the hole in the core. Place the end of the wooden dowel into the hole. The end of the wooden dowel should be even with the top of the corn cob.

Let the glue dry for five hours before use.