How to Lose Cellulite on Thighs Quickly

Cellulite is a condition in which fat cells collect in an area and cause the skin to dimple. It occurs frequently in women, especially overweight women and older women. Cellulite can appear, however, on every skin type and any person, including men. Women's fat cells are considered to be of a different genetic makeup than male fat cells, which may be why cellulite appears more often in women than in men. The reason why cellulite is caused is unknown, but there are several treatments you can use to help stop cellulite quickly. If you are absolutely desperate to get rid of cellulite, you may want to consider surgical options. However, do not consider surgical options unless you are absolutely sure of the risks and benefits associated with it.

Change your diet. Poor diet is not considered to be a cause of cellulite, but limiting saturated fats from your diet can help get rid of it quickly. Eat lots of green, leafy vegetables and limit your fat intake to healthy fats like avocados and olive oil. If you can, minimize your red meat intake as well.

Exfoliate with a mixture of kosher salt and baby oil. Mix equal parts kosher salt and baby oil, and rub the mixture vigorously into areas with cellulite. Rinse off thoroughly in the shower. Repeat every morning until the cellulite disappears.

Get a cellulite massage. Most spas will offer a cellulite treatment mask in conjunction with a cellulite wrap to remove excess water weight and smooth out fat cells under the skin. Call your local salon or spa and ask what they offer by way of cellulite treatments.

Rub cellulite cream into your thighs and buttocks. Cellulite cream is available over the counter in most drugstores and grocery stores. Repeat three times a day or as indicated on the directions.

Consider surgical options. Surgery is a severe but very fast way to get rid of cellulite. It can be expensive as well as dangerous, so discuss the pros and cons with your doctor before going through with a procedure.