Detox to Reduce Cellulite

Woman pinching thigh, close-up

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If you're planning a trip to the beach, but want to get rid of cellulite dimples first, you may be wondering what remedies you can help you detox and get rid of cellulite. While there is no clinically proven cure for cellulite, it may respond to both external treatments, such as massage oils, or internal remedies, such as herbal teas. There is no conclusive evidence that any home remedies can detox or get rid of cellulite. Talk to your doctor before trying any cellulite treatments.


According to "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies," cellulite tends to form on the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. It occurs when fat cells harden and thicken and form fibrous jumbled structures along with other subcutaneous tissues such as lymph and blood vessels. Because the structures are jumbled together, toxins and wastes tend to accumulate in areas of cellulite.

Skin Brushing

According to Dr Bruce Berkowsky, author of "Dr. Berkowsky's Vital Chi Skin-Brushing System" skin brushing may be one of the most effective ways to treat cellulite. Brushing the skin over areas with cellulite with a stiff skin brush made of natural materials may help stimulate circulation to break up clusters of cellulite and encourage release of toxins from the area. Do not brush sensitive areas such as the breasts and do not brush damaged or inflamed skin.

Essential Oils

Essential oils -- the concentrated aromatic oils of plants -- may be helpful in detoxing and relieving cellulite. According to "The Aromatherapy Guide to Essential Oils," rosemary and fennel essential oils may stimulate circulation and atlas cedar helps your body burn excess fat. Rose oil may help strengthen blood veins for improved circulation. Berkowsky recommends applying essential oils -- diluted in a carrier oil, such as hazelnut oil -- to cellulite before skin brushing. Do not use these essential oils if you are pregnant.

Internal Treatments

"The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies" recommends marigold and ginger tea and fresh parsley for cellulite. Parsley is a diuretic and may have strong detoxifying action. Ginger may stimulate circulation and marigold is a traditional tea for detoxification. Avoid marigold as well as medicinal doses of ginger or parsley while pregnant.


Drinking pure water frequently may help your body to flush out toxins. Toxins from smoking, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and some medications may build up in your body and make it more difficult to detoxify and remove cellulite. Talk to your doctor before making any lifestyle changes or doing any home treatments.