How to Keep Your Makeup From Getting on Collars

Asian woman applying makeup

Andersen Ross/Blend Images/Getty Images

Coming home at the end of the day and finding your shirt collar stained with makeup can be seriously frustrating. By tweaking your morning routine, you can keep foundation and other products on your face where they belong -- instead of on your shirt.

Stay Covered

Protect your clothing while applying your makeup. An old washcloth can do the trick. Fold it in a half and place it around your collar, tucking it in place. The cloth will catch any makeup that might drip or smudge. Or purchase a nylon makeup hood, which prevents your clothing from coming into contact with your face as you pull it over your head.

Prime Time

Before applying foundation, put on a primer. This will give your foundation a base to stick to, so it stays in place. It also forms a barrier between the oils in your skin and your makeup to prevent it from breaking down and running onto your clothing.

Set It Up

After you apply your foundation, set it with a loose or pressed powder. The powder helps absorb excess oil that might break down your makeup and cause it to slide off your face. Apply a setting spray after you finish all of your makeup to keep it in place and off your clothes all day. The spray forms a seal over your makeup so it won't rub or slide off -- and it doesn't just work on foundation. It can keep your concealer, powder, blush and eyeshadow in place, too.