How to Keep White Hair White

If your once gorgeous white hair has taken on a dull, dingy or yellowish appearance, you are not alone. White hair is often difficult to maintain and often requires special treatments.

Vinegar Rinse: Use a rinse of three parts vinegar to one part water at least once a week to clean away product or pollutant buildup that may lead to dullness. Apply to the hair in the shower using a spray bottle, and comb through with a close-tooth comb for optimal results. You might also purchase a clarifying shampoo from any drugstore, beauty supply or hair salon to deep clean the hair, and comb it through as suggested above.

Glaze: Put a clear glaze on the hair using a cellophane or glazing treatment. This is best done in the hair salon. The glaze protects the hair by closing the cuticle and making it less likely to absorb pollutants that may lead to dullness.

Shampoo: Use a shampoo with a violet base. Some of the better known products have names like Jheri Redding Shiny Silver, Matrix So Silver or Clairol Shimmer Lights. The purpose of the purple coloring in the shampoo is to counteract the yellow in the hair.

Condition: Condition the hair after every shampoo. Conditioning also protects the cuticle and will eliminate the collection of particles that may lead to dulling, but it will also give the hair a sheen that will make the white more prominent.

Check Your Water: Get a filter for hard water put on your shower head to avoid any mineral buildup on the hair that may cause dullness. In addition, stay out of chlorinated pools, or rinse immediately after swimming. Keeping hair white can be a challenge but it is possible.