How to Keep Mascara From Clumping

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For a flawlessly professional look, you want perfectly defined and separated lashes. Although scientific breakthroughs in the makeup world claim that there are now non-clumping mascaras, you may be hesitant to part with your old favorite. Here's how you can continue using a brand that would be perfect if not for the occasional clumps.

Start with clean eyelashes, free from yesterday's makeup. They should be dry before you put on your makeup.

Wipe off the clumps on your mascara wand with a tissue before applying product to lashes. This is a preventive measure.

Position the wand at the base of your lashes, at the very root. Gently wiggle the wand back and forth horizontally to deposit the most color here instead of at the tips, where unsightly clumping occurs.

Run the wand through to the tips of lashes. If any clumping has taken place, use the tip of your mascara wand to dislodge it. If this does not work, use a small eyelash comb. It's a worthy investment if you suffer from this makeup issue.

Use a fresh disposable mascara wand every time you do your makeup, if all else fails. This guarantees a clean applicator that has no previous buildup on it.