How to Keep Kale From Wilting

by Tom Ross ; Updated September 28, 2017

Eat kale to benefit from the nutritional content of this mild, spicy flavored leafy green vegetable. Kale contains significant to high amounts of vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fiber. This leafy vegetable varies from a deep green color to a purplish-red and occasionally a pale green with white splotches. It has large leaves that are curly and sometimes serrated. Kale keeps for a short time under refrigeration before wilting and is preserved long-term by freezing.

Refrigerator Storage

Remove the kale from the plastic bag in which it is packaged. Pat the leaves dry with paper towels to retard the wilting the kale. Supermarkets routinely spray greens with water while on display.

Keep the kale from wilting as long as possible by placing it into an airtight plastic bag and storing it in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

Inspect the kale without opening the airtight bag after three days to determine if it shows any signs of wilting. Store the kale under refrigeration for three to five days.

Freezer Storage

Remove the kale from the plastic bag in which it is packaged and rinse the leaves under cool running water to remove dirt and grit.

Use a sharp knife to cut out the thick midrib and remove the bottom of the stem with it. Removing these parts does not keep the kale from wilting but they are tough and stringy.

Blanch the kale by cutting the leaves into 2-inch strips and place into a pot of boiling water for two to four minutes.

Drain the kale and cool it in a bowl of ice water. Pat the kale dry with paper towels and store it in the freezer in airtight freezer bags. Freezing preserves the kale and keeps it from wilting.


  • Wash kale before cooking by rinsing under cool running water. Add kale to other greens while cooking to give the dish a peppery flavor. Place scoops of chicken, tuna or potato salad on a leaf of kale to make the plate more attractive.

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