How to Keep Fingerless Gloves From Fraying

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Fingerless gloves are ideal for keeping your hands warm while allowing your fingers to function. Wear them when working in the cold, whether indoors or out, or just as a fashion statement. Making your own fingerless gloves by cutting off the fingers and thumbs from regular gloves may lead to threads unraveling, thereby making the gloves unusable. Keep your fingerless gloves from fraying with few supplies. This process requires no sewing and leaves your fingerless gloves soft, stretchy and warm.

Lay newspaper on your work surface.

Pour a small amount of fabric glue onto a paper plate and set to the side of the newspaper. Use fabric glue that is permanent and will not wash off so you can wash the gloves.

Stretch each glove over the top of a small glass or jar. Avoid handling and stretching the cut tips. This will stretch each of the fingers open, allow access to the cut tips and prevent the tips from becoming glued to themselves or anything else.

Dip the flat end of the foam brush into the glue and pat onto the cut end of each finger, completing encircling each tip. If the fingers start to glue shut, gently separate them before they dry.

Place the glasses with the gloves in a dry area and allow to dry for at least 24 hours. The glue will dry clear and flexible.