How to Keep Corn on the Cob Fresh Longer Images

Corn has been a staple in North, Central and Southern American diets for thousands of years. From corn flour to popping corn, it is eaten in a variety of ways. However, keeping it on the cob and cooking it is one of the most common ways of eating the vegetable. The sweet and crunchy flavor of corn is often desired during barbecues and at large family gatherings.

Shuck the corn, removing the tough peel as well as many of the silky strands as you can. Discard them.

Fill the large bowl with three to four gallons of cold water. Place the ice cubes in the water and swirl them around to make the liquid cold.

Drop the bleach and lemon juice in to the water. Stir to completely combine them.

Insert the fresh corn in to the water. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes, covered by the water, rolling them on occasion to ensure every side is covered.

Remove the corn and thoroughly dry them using the paper towels. Insert the corn in to the food storage bags.

Place the corn in the coldest part of refrigerator, usually in the back bottom area. Use the corn within several days for optimum taste. However, it can be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator before being eaten.