How to Keep a Wedding Ring From Sliding Off Your Finger

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Your wedding ring is an important piece of jewelry that is nostalgic, sentimental and typically has great personal value. Over the many years of wearing the ring, the metal can be worn away, making the ring fit looser, or the size of your fingers can vary with time. Both of these circumstances could become a potential hazard for losing the ring by causing it to slip of your finger. There are a variety of home and professional remedies you can try to avoid this.

Position a tighter fitting ring onto your finger after the loose fitting one, which can help keep it in place. For example, if your engagement ring has a snugger fit, place it on your finger after the wedding band.

Wind a piece of clear tape around the back of the ring, which can make the wedding band have a tighter fit. Add more tape as necessary.

Tie a piece of yarn or string around the back of the ring, which can also decrease the size slightly.

Attach a ring size adjuster, a clear loop that clips around the ring, sometimes called a "ring huggie" or "ring snug," onto the back of the ring, which allows you to decrease the size.

Take the ring to a jeweler so he can re-size it for you.