How to Juice

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Juicing is an effective way of incorporating a large amount of raw fruits and vegetables into your diet. There are many juicers and a variety of ingredients that can be used to juice fruits and vegetables. Use a simple hand-held juicer to juice citrus fruits for a quick and easy beverage. Alternatively, use an electric juicer to extract the juice of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to incorporate a nutritional drink into your diet.

Select the fruits and vegetables to use for juicing. Most electric juicers will easily juice root vegetables, citrus fruits, fleshy fruits and vegetables, and even some leaf vegetables. Choose a combination of fruits and vegetables for the most enjoyable and nutritious juice.

Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Remove any bad areas. Cut up fruits with pits or stones and discard the pits or stones. Remove stems. Place the prepared fruits and vegetables in a bowl.

Make sure the juicer is properly assembled and plug it in.

Turn the juicer on and begin to feed the prepared fruits and vegetables into the juicer to extract the juice. Work slowly to extract as much juice as possible from the produce.

Juice all of the fruits and vegetables and then turn the juicer off. Stir the juice and pour it into glasses.

Disassemble the juicer. Discard the pulp or save it for another use, if desired. Rinse off the juicer parts and wash them according to manufacturer instructions.

Wash the outside rind of citrus fruits. Place them on the cutting board and cut them in half. Place the halved fruit pieces in the bowl.

Place the manual juicer on the counter and take one fruit half in your dominant hand. Place the fruit down onto the protruding implement of the juicer with the fleshy fruit side facing down. Push the fruit firmly and rotate it back and forth as you push to extract the juice from the fruit. Remove all of the juice from the fruit by continueing to push and rotate the fruit.

Juice all of the fruit halves in the same fashion as in Step 2.

Pour the extracted juice into glasses and discard the rinds from the fruit. Wash the juicer.