How to Install the Wolff Sunstar ZX32

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Having a sunbed in your home allows you to tan whenever you want, regardless of whether the sun is out.The Wolff Sunstar Z32 is a professional tanning booth that, when used in the home, makes tanning more convenient and economical. Proper installation of this high-powered unit is essential to avoid injury to yourself or your property. The Sunstar Z32 was manufactured from 1997 to 2003. These instructions are for a 2003 unit.

Pre-Installation Planning

Install a dedicated 220V AC electrical source capable of providing at least a 30 amp service. The ZX32 35 should have a dedicated circuit that provides 40 amps. You should have this work done by a licensed electrician.

Install your Wolff Sunstar Z32 in a well-ventilated room. Air from the room is used to cool the sunbed. If the room is not properly ventilated, the sunbed can become hot and uncomfortable for the user. The Wolff Sunstar Z32 was engineered to be used in a room with a temperature no higher than 80 degrees F and no more than 70 percent relative humidity.

Place your Wolff Sunstar Z32 at least 6 inches from any wall or furniture. Make sure that room furnishings such as drapes, curtains and sofas don't restrict the airflow into the end caps or out of the fan vents.


Plug in the two bench power connectors and the two canopy power connectors to their power supply receptacles on the backside of the unit. The plugs match their correct receptacles. They must be inserted firmly, then secured by their locking rings.

Connect the phone wire, RJ-11, between the canopy and the jack on the ballast drawer on the backside of the unit.

Install the Remote Control Bypass plug that came with your unit into one of the two jacks on the front of the ballast drawer if you are not using a remote with your unit. Your unit will not operate without a remote unless the remote control bypass plug is installed. If you are using a remote, follow the manufacturer's instructions to install it.

Install the air filter on top of the ballast drawer, which will be held in place by airflow when the unit is running, over the air slots. Make sure the arrow on the filter points down.

Connect the ballast box to main power.