Baby George Cooking Instructions

Baby George is a small rotisserie that allows you to cook foods on a center bar, in a flat basket or on skewers. You can prepare whole chickens or roasts, steaks and seafood using the bar or basket. You can also cook vegetables in the basket, or make shish kebabs using the skewers.

Cooking Basics

It's a good idea to prepare all the food before setting up the rotisserie. Chop vegetables, prepare rubs or marinades, and put them in the refrigerator while you assemble the rotisserie. When you first use the appliance, you might notice a faint odor or a bit of smoke, which is normal. Use pot holders or mitts when handling any part of a hot appliance. Center the food on the rotisserie bar to cook it, and use care when removing the cooked food from the bar. You should use the bar for cuts of meat such as roasts and chickens, and the baskets for flat pieces of meat. Trim fat from all meat before cooking. Cook pork to the well-done stage, or 170 degrees on a meat thermometer.

About the Rotisserie

There are two wheels at the ends of the rotisserie bar. Loosen the screw on one wheel and pull it off, place the meat on the center of the bar, replace the wheel and tighten the screw. With the rotisserie cover raised, slide the bar assembly in along the track, with the gears on the right, until it drops into the center grooves on the track. Put the drip tray into the slot on the bottom front. Holding the handle, push the reflector in behind the heating elements, making sure to attach it to the brackets on the heating element.

To use the baskets, squeeze the two tabs on the basket cover and take it off. Place the meat or other food into the basket in a single layer and put the cover on tightly. The cover holds the food as it turns. Raise the cover and, with the gears on the right, place the basket on the assembly bar track and make sure it drops into the center grooves.

Use the skewers on the rotisserie bar only. Put the food on the skewers. Place the end wheel with the thumb screw on the rotisserie bar and line up the lock on the wheel with the lines on the bar assembly. Tighten the screw. Place a skewer on the end wheel with the hook facing left, push it into the notch and line up the tip of the skewer with the hole on the raised tab on the end wheel. Press the skewer until it snaps into place. Position the remaining skewers in the same way. Raise the cover and, with the gear on the right, place the assembly on the track, making sure it drops into the grooves.


With the food on the bar or skewers, or in the baskets, and the rotisserie bar assembly in place inside the rotisserie, close the cover, plug in the appliance and turn the timer to select the cooking time, You can choose a time ranging from 15 minutes to three hours. The rotisserie will start to turn and the heating elements will come on. When the time is up, the appliance will shut itself off and a bell will sound.Unplug the appliance. Let the rotisserie and the food sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Don't try to carve meat while it's still in the rotisserie.Using pot holders or mitts, and the remover tool, take the rotisserie bar assembly out of the rotisserie. To use the remover, squeeze its handle and place it on the inside of the end wheels, then lift the assembly out of the rotisserie. To remove the food, loosen the thumb screw on the end wheel, take if off the bar and remove the food with care.

Cooking Guide

Use the rotisserie bar to cook whole chickens, ducks, boneless turkeys, beef and pork roasts, legs of lamb and whole potatoes (baked). Use the flat basket to cook chicken breasts and wings, burgers, steaks, chops, fillets, shrimp and vegetables. Use the skewers for kabobs and bratwurst. Cook beef and lamb to 145 degrees on a meat thermometer, pork to 160 degrees and poultry to 170 or 180 degrees. If you're reheating poultry or meat, the temperature should reach 165 degrees on the meat thermometer.

A pound of chicken wings will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes, and a whole five-pound chicken 1 1/2 to 2 hours, to reach 180 degrees. A five-pound beef or pork roast will take about 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 hours to reach the correct temperature, while a three-pound boneless turkey will cook thoroughly in about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours. Fish fillets and steaks will cook to flakiness in 20 to 30 minutes. Two pounds of bratwurst will reach 165 degrees on the meat thermometer in 15 to 20 minutes.