How to Host a Stock the Pantry Wedding Shower

How to Host a Stock the Pantry Wedding Shower. Wedding showers no longer have to be your run-of-the-mill dainty gatherings on a Sunday afternoon. Host a Stock-the-pantry shower for a lucky couple-to-be and entertain both the lucky honorees and the guests. This is one wedding shower that won't leave your guests yawning through forced smiles.

Send out fun invitations with a theme that fits, such as food, wine or cooking. These can be ordered online or through a stationary store. You may also get lucky during cook-out season at a party store. Another practical option is to make invitations on your computer or with scrapbook supplies.

Include a recipe card in each invitation. Instruct the guests to fill it out with their favorite recipe, a recipe they think the bride and groom must have in their collection.

Ask each guest to bring all of the necessary dry ingredients along with the recipe. Here is where you stock the pantry for the lucky recipients. By the end of the shower they'll have a stack of recipes and just about all the necessary ingredients to put them together, all without spending a dime on groceries.

Encourage guests to package their ingredients or beverages in fun boxes, bags or baskets.

Twist the theme to "Stock-the-Bar" if the bride- and groom-to-be are connoisseurs of beer or wine. Ask each guest to bring two bottles of wine (or double the beverage of choice)--enjoy one at the party and save the other for the couple's bar stash.