How to Highlight Your Hair Yourself

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Highlighting hair brings a flare to your appearance. Whether your hair is short, long, curly, straight, fine or thick, putting glamorous highlights in your hair at home can save money and time. Take a trip down to the corner drug store and pick up a highlighting kit. Strategically placing highlights yourself to achieve a professional salon look is not hard when approached correctly at home.

Purchase a highlighting kit at your local drug store or retail outlet. Wash and deep-condition your hair to avoid tangles and damage from the chemicals. Wear an old shirt with long sleeves and place a towel around your neck, as this aids in protecting your skin and preventing a mess. Put a thin pair of waterproof gloves on your hands and prepare the cream in the kit until it is a smooth substance. Comb your hair until it is free of any tangles.

Locate the comb or brush included with your kit and apply the highlighting cream onto it. Start at the front of your head and comb the cream onto small sections of hair as you lift the strands away from the scalp. Cover the strands completely and do not leave uneven clumps, as this can cause streaking in the finished result.

Use a two-way mirror so you can see the back of your head as well as the front. Continue to lift strands and apply cream until the desired amount of highlights is achieved around your entire scalp. Leave the cream on the strands for the amount of time instructed by your kit, then rinse with a color treatment-sensitive shampoo and conditioner. Dispose all empty containers and boxes properly. Kits for shorter hair come with a head covering that resembles a shower cap. The hair is pulled through holes the cap with a hook and highlighted.