How to Highlight Hair With Pink

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Adding a splash of pink to your hair doesn't have to be left to a professional stylist. It's also not simply a trend among celebrities only. Hair highlights in varying shades of pink can complement the skin tones and clothing of individuals who want to perk up their fashion palettes. Considering different ways to accomplish this ensures that you "think" before you "pink."

Determine how long you want your hair highlighted pink to ensure you select the right coloring. Identify in the product's description the length of time the color remains in your hair. Hair dye may wash out the next day or it could last for weeks, depending on the product you're using.

Wash and condition your hair. Do this a few days before you plan to highlight — doing so washes out any traces of hair product that may interfere with your pink highlights. Don't wash immediately before you highlight, however: You want some natural oils in your hair to better receive the pink coloring.

Tap into visual aids. For best results, look at images of others who've highlighted their hair pink. For example, you can find pictures of actress Rachel McAdams and singer Pink on the Internet, showcasing their artfully done pink highlights. Strive to imitate what you like; avoid what you don't.

Use a brush to apply the coloring. The comb-through method simply requires hair coloring applied to a brush that you comb through the particular strands you want colored pink. You may purchase comb-through kits at nearly any retailer that sells beauty and hair care products. You may also use a paintbrush and paint pink coloring on your hair, artist-style. Purchase basic pink color mixtures at beauty and hair care retailers.

Spray it on. There are spray-on pink dyes designed to last longer and look more professional than the cheaper stuff you find around Halloween; you may find these dyes at beauty stores or pharmacies. Hold the spray bottle about a foot away from your head and spray directly on the strands you want colored. Use a comb to spread out the color. Or, spray coloring over a wider area for a more robust look.

Wear clip-on hair extensions. Sport pink highlights without having to highlight your own hair. You may find pink clip-on extensions, commonly found in 16-inch lengths, in beauty stores or salons. These extensions may be made of human or synthetic hair and clip on and off easily for a convenient way to play with the color pink and avoid the mess of coloring yourself.