How to Highlight Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions add length and volume to your natural shorter hair. Like your regular hair, adding highlights to your hair extensions will make your hairstyle look brighter and less one-dimensional. Whether wearing synthetic of real human hair, you can get a dynamic hairstyle with loads of bright color by using highlighted hair extensions. Most hair extensions go through heavy processing before packaging, so use a gentle color on the hair and take a strand test first. Unfortunately, synthetic hair will burn and ruin if you color it. Learn how to color your highlights and where to place them for a natural look.

Choose a semi-permanent hair color two or three shades lighter than the color your hair extensions currently are. There is no need to remove your entire head of hair extensions for a few highlights, but if you do not have any extra to color, you will need to remove a few inches of hair extensions for coloring.

Brush out the hair with a soft-bristle brush. Do not wash the hair before coloring.

Lay the hair on the small towel. Use an old towel that you do not mind staining. Smooth out the hair with your hands. Put on a pair of plastic gloves

Mix the hair color following the directions on the package. Basic steps are to mix the developer with the color. The bottles are normally marked “1” and “2.”

Squirt the developed color into your hand, about a quarter-size amount. Rub the color into the hair by holding the top or the weft of the hair in your left hand and coating the hair with the color using your right.

Saturate the hair completely with the color and lay it on the towel. Do not cover it up.

Allow the color to develop for the prescribed time. The developing time will be on the product’s packaging, usually between 20 and 40 minutes.

Rinse the hair color from the hair extensions in the sink using cool or warm water. Apply a deep conditioner to the hair and allow it to soak for one minute. Rinse it.

Blow dry the hair or allow it to dry naturally after a quick rub with a towel.

Put the colored highlights into your hair. Position the hair around the face and throughout the top layer of the hair. Spray some leave-in conditioner on the highlights.