How to Have a Silpada Party Images

Silpada is a line of jewelry featuring sterling silver designs. The business format uses home parties for sales, and selling to those you know and the people at their workplaces and in neighborhoods. This format also lends itself to fundraisers for various causes and events. Holding a Silpada jewelry party can be done with a little preparation ahead of time, using a few simple steps.

Gather your address book, email list, directories, Rolodex, business associates list, PDA and cell phone contacts.

Make a list of all the friends and family you know who might be willing to attend. Write this list in a notebook or type it in Microsoft Word on the computer, then save or print out.

Have your Silpada representative email or send you invitations, either as an email attachment or the cardboard postcards Silpada makes. If you use postcards, you will need labels or help filling in the information in all the fields.

Ask the Silpada representative to borrow the jewelry collection for the party you will have. Invite the representative to attend also if available so the representative can assist, demonstrate jewelry and take orders.

Determine where and when you would like to hold your Silpada demonstration. If your home has insufficient space, consider calling local restaurants, clubs or bars to see if they have a free room you can use. Do not forget to inquire if food purchase is mandatory.

Gather all of your addresses from the first step and the completed invitations and send. Send as many via email attachment as possible to save money on postage. Postage can add up quickly and eat up your profits.

Keep your list handy for when guests RSVP. Always offer the website or a catalog as an alternative to attending. Orders will still count for you and your Silpada representative.

On the day of the party, set out the jewelry in trays and let your guests look at the jewelry and the catalog at their own pace.

Have a party online or via catalog if you are not able to conduct one in person. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for potential buyers to browse the catalog and website. Have the Silpada representative's website and contact information handy in case guests would like to order.