How to Have A Silky, Healthy Black Hair

I remember my instructor said, why do people spend money monthly on parlors and beauty products just to maintain a beautiful hair, while hair is all made of dead cells.?

Keratin is a special, fibrious, water-repellent protein that makes up the hair. The hair is composed of tightly fused dead protein cells that is filled with hard keratin.

But how does hair grows? Hair grows because the cells at the base of the follicle rapidly divide and pushes the old dead cells upward. The darkness or color of the hair is determined by the amount of melanin it gets from melanocytes.

Want a healthy dark hair? Here's some "how to's" on how to use these herbs to have a silky, healthy black hair.

Coconut milk derived from squeezed pulp can be used as a shampoo. It treats dandruff problems, and serves as hair conditioner.

To use, massage hair from roots to tips with squeezed coconut milk. Let stand for 30 minutes before heading to shower. Rinse well. This is usually use as a shampoo so you don't have to use a shampoo when using this. This gives you a nice smelling, free of dandruff, easy to comb hair after shower.


Calamansi fruit is not only useful in the kitchen. It is also use as hair conditioner as well. Dab some calamansi juice into your scalp after shampoo for an easy to comb, easy to manage dark hair.

Like coconut milk, calamansi fruit is also good on treating dandruff problems.

Shampoo and conditioner.

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair is also important. You probably had noticed that your hair reacts to some hair products, a dry hair, burnt looking, and the tangles? Choose a shampoo and conditioner that matches your hair needs. Your hair might be lacking on some vitamins and minerals that causes the problems.

Also there's herbal shampoo's and conditioners made from aloe vera, coconut milk, and other plants that could help on maintaining a healthy, black hair.