How to Grow Out Layered Hair

You thought you wanted that hot new layered hairstyle. But now you can't wait for it to grow out. There's no way to make layers grow out faster, but there are ways to look stylish in the process.

Keep your layers trimmed. That may seem the opposite of what you want, but frequent trimmings will help even out your hair much more quickly, as the long layers even out with the short ones. Hair Boutique recommends a 1/4- to 1/8-inch trim every five to nine weeks.

Accessorize. Using clips, hair ties, headbands and even hair extensions are simple ways to let your layers grow but remain stylish. If it's bangs you're growing out, barrette them straight back or to the side, or hold them off your face with a headband.

Be creative. While your hair grows out, this is a great time to try out different hairstyles. Experiment with half ponytails, messy buns or even cut your hair into a short bob. This will even out the layers and also let you wear a new look.

Skip the straightener. Instead of using a straightening iron, blow dry your layers upside down. This creates a fuller look, allowing the layers to mesh together.