How to Get Used to Birkenstock Shoes

by Chelsea Day ; Updated September 28, 2017

Birkenstock shoes, which have been around since 1897, are world-famous and come in styles and colors to please the choosiest of footwear enthusiasts. Many styles are uni-sex, and they range from completely enclosing footwear to clogs and sandals. While Birkenstocks are known for their unique fit and comfort, they take some getting used to and can cause your feet to hurt if you don't properly adjust to them and take time to break them in.

Wear socks when breaking the Birkenstocks in to avoid getting blisters. Make sure the socks aren't excessively thick, as this will affect how the Birkenstocks break in.

Moisten the Birkenstocks before putting them on in order to speed the break-in process

Wear your Birkenstocks around the house for several days before wearing them anywhere else. This way, if your feet get sore, you can take the Birkenstocks off and give your feet a break before returning to wearing the Birkenstocks.

Alternate wearing the Birkenstocks with other shoes every other day when you start wearing them out of your house, so that your feet don't get sore in the places where the Birkenstocks conform to them while you are breaking the Birkenstocks in.

Wear your Birkenstocks for a few hours a day when you initially start wearing them out of the house, slowly increasing the amount of time that you wear them until you can wear them all day. If you wear them to work, consider bringing an extra pair of shoes to change into.


  • Buy Birkenstocks that fit properly and don't need to be tightened excessively to stay on. An associate at a Birkenstock store can help find the proper fit for you.

    Don't use other people's Birkenstocks, as these will never properly conform to your feet.

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