How to Get the Best Bikini Area Hair Removal

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Whether you plan to hit the beach or want to swim and lounge in a bikini (or any high-cut swimsuit) when the weather is warm, removing unwanted hair from your bikini line without leaving unsightly bumps or razor burn is a must. The best hair removal depends on how much you want to take off, as well as your tolerance for discomfort. Get the best bikini area hair removal for your skin type.

Use a depilatory cream for the best bikini area hair removal if you have a low pain threshold since the product simply dissolves the hair upon application. Look for a depilatory cream designed for the bikini area and test it on a small spot of skin first to ensure it doesn't trigger an allergic reaction. Also take care not to spread the hair removal product on an area other than the bikini line since it may burn more sensitive skin.

Consider using an epilator designed to remove bikini hair by the root. Although the process will be painful (since it's similar to waxing), you can lessen discomfort by taking an over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory or taking a hot bath or shower first to help open the pores before you pull your skin taut and run the epilator over the bikini line. Use the epilator a few days before you go out in a bikini to allow any redness or irritation to disappear.

Try waxing for the best bikini area hair removal. Because hair is pulled out at the root, the process is painful, although the sensation often becomes more tolerable upon subsequent treatments. On the plus side, the hair removal along your bikini line lasts up to six weeks. Bikini line waxing can cost from $50 to $150, depending on the treatment area, but less expensive home bikini waxing kits are also available.

Ask about laser hair removal along the bikini line if you're willing to spend the extra money. Treatments may range from $100 to $300 at the time of this publication, but several sessions will deaden the hair follicle completely. Because there is discomfort involved with the laser hair removal process, ask your technician if you can apply a numbing skin care treatment before your appointment.

Look into electrolysis if you want the bikini area hair removal to be permanent. Although the professional process is costly (reportedly about $75 to $200 per hour at the time of this publication) and time-consuming since an electrically charged probe is inserted into each individual hair follicle to prevent future hair growth, it may be a worthwhile option for you since the bikini line area is relatively small.