Permanent Hair Removal Creams & Lotions

In the past few years, permanent hair removal has been all the rage, whether it's through electrolysis (the process of removing hairs using electric currents), laser hair removal or permanent hair-removal creams and lotions. Many people opt to try permanent hair-removal cream, as opposed to electrolysis and laser hair removal, because electrolysis and laser hair removal can be costly, painful and extremely time-consuming. Nowadays there are many permanent hair-removal creams and lotions available on the market.


There are various permanent hair-removal creams on the market, and each works in different ways. However, Revitol is a popular brand of hair-removal cream, and it works because it contains a special blend of bioactive plant extras that are made to seep into hair follicles to break up and soften the hair shafts. This, of course, causes the hair shafts to fall out, taking anywhere between a few days up to a few weeks. Over one to four months of using this hair-removal cream, the hair shafts gradually become thinner and thinner until hair growth completely stops. Vaniqa, another popular cream, works in a similar way. It blocks an enzyme in the hair follicle during the hair cycle's growth stage. Permanent hair-removal creams basically kill the hair shafts so the hair doesn't grow back anymore.


The benefits of permanent hair removal cream are very clear. Never having to worry about shaving again would save a lot of time and money, as the cost of razors, shaving cream and shaving lotion really adds up over time. Also, electrolysis can cost well over $100 per session, so permanent hair-removal cream is definitely a far cheaper option. Laser hair removal is even more costly--ranging between $400 and $900 per treatment. Out of the permanent hair removal options, permanent hair removal cream is definitely the most economically sound choice.


As with any depilatory wax or hair-removal cream, it is vital that you test out the cream on a small section of your skin before you apply it. In case your body has an unfavorable reaction to the cream (in essence, a rash, mild irritation, stinging, tingling, burning), it's a smart idea to try it out before you get it everywhere! However, this is unlikely to happen, especially with Vaniqa, as it is gentle and fragrance-free (and safe enough for most people to use everyday). Only 2% of women who have used permanent hair removal creams such as Revitol and Vaniqa have ceased use due to mild skin irritations.


There are a lot of online retailers that sell diverse selections of permanent hair-removal creams and lotions. Some of the most popular permanent hair-removal cream stores online are Revitol, Ultra Hair Away, Vaniqa, VitaMaker and many more. Revitol's permanent hair-removal cream seems to be the most popular and well-received of all of these products. Also, national beauty supply chain stores such as Sally's Beauty Supply should have a good array of permanent hair removal creams as well.


The reason that permanent hair-removal creams and lotions should be considered is that they are are excellent, intelligent investments. They usually cost between $20 and $30 for a bottle. Even though $20 or $30 initially seems steep when compared to purchasing a razor and shaving cream at a drugstore, when you consider that you won't have to buy any of these products anymore (permanent hair removal cream is just that - permanent), you'll actually be saving a lot of money in the long run.

Also, permanent hair removal creams and lotions are contraindicated to those who have a history of severe inflammatory acne or highly sensitive skin. It is also advised to not use these products if you are pregnant or expecting to become so in the near future, as they are in Pregnancy Category C, which means that, based on animal studies, they could have negative, harmful effects on fetuses.