How to Get Liquid Paper Off Leather Boots

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Liquid Paper is solvent- and water-based correction fluid that Texan Bette Nesmith Graham invited in 1957 to help cover up her typing errors. Today, the company features a variety of correction fluids, tapes and pens to help everyone from students to moms to executives present the perfect document. That pleasing perfection, however, can quickly turn to panic if Liquid Paper spills on your clothing or leather boots. The good news is that by acting fast and using the proper tools you can clean your clothing and wipe off your boots without leaving any residue behind.

Wet Liquid Paper

Blot the Liquid Paper with a paper towel. Wipe the remainder off with a clean section of the towel. You'll likely still see some white in the leather.

Spray a solvent onto a soft cloth. Apply the cloth to the leather and gently rub in circles until the Liquid Paper disappears.

Dip a clean section of the cloth in a little bit of warm water. Squeeze out the water completely and wipe the leather clean. If there is still any Liquid Paper left over, dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Rub gently in small circles until all the white disappears.

Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a clean section of the cloth. Gently rub the spot to polish and shine the boot.

Dry Liquid Paper

Scrape the Liquid Paper off gently with a butter knife as to not harm the leather. This may take a few minutes as you work around the spot lifting and scraping. Wipe the area clean as you go with a soft cloth.

Mix one part dish washing liquid to five parts warm water in a shallow bowl. Swish the mixture around with your fingers until it lathers into bubbles. Dip a clean cloth into solution, being careful to touch the foam only. Place the cloth onto the area and gently rub in circles to loosen any leftover Liquid Paper. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Apply the water-based solvent to a clean section of the cloth. Gently rub the area in circles until all of the Liquid Paper residue disappears. Follow up by pouring a small amount of olive oil on a clean cloth. Rub in circles again to clean and return the leather to its original state.