How to Get Hair Out of a Brush

How to Get Hair Out of a Brush. If you use a hairbrush, then at some point you will have to deal with hairs stuck inside the hairbrush. Aside from being unsightly, this can also create unsanitary conditions in your brush. Follow these steps to help you easily get hair out of a hairbrush.

Pull the hairs out of the hairbrush with your fingers. Simply use your fingers to grab the hairs stuck between the bristles of the brush to remove them. Wash your hands afterwards.

Comb the hairs out of the brush. Use a comb to get around the bristles to lift up the trapped hairs out of the hairbrush.

Pick the hair out of the hairbrush with a small, pointed item. You can use a toothpick or a nail file, for example. Stick the pointed end of the object underneath the trapped hairs and lift up. This will help remove the hair from the brush.

Use tweezers to remove hair from a hairbrush. Grab onto hairs in the brush with your tweezers, squeeze the tweezers and lift the tweezers up. This is very effective in helping you get hair out of hairbrush.

Fill a sink or a large bowl with hot water and soak the brush in the water for at least 15 minutes. The hot water will help to loosen any hairs in the hairbrush, and then repeat Step 1 through 4 to remove hair from the brush.