How to Get Free Perfume Samples Delivered

Perfume can be incredibly expensive, especially if you're interested in the brand-name stuff. But what if you want to try the perfume before you buy it? Sure, you could leaf through thousands of magazines and pull out all the perfume samples, then organize them, compare and contrast scents, and then finally make your purchase. You could go a department store and get sprayed with tons of perfumes until you're not quite sure what you're smelling anymore. Or, you could sample perfume in the comfort of your own home. Just follow these tips on how to get free perfume samples delivered to your door.

Check free sample websites. There are a bunch of websites like and that will give you the latest news about which perfume companies and stores are offering free perfume samples. Usually the free samples' website will direct you to the official website of the store or product so you don't have to give any information to a website you don't trust.

At, you can purchase a wide variety of makeup, beauty supplies and perfume. If you make a purchase online, Sephora's website will allow you to choose a bag of free samples, depending on how much money you spend. Best of all, you get to choose which samples you'd like to try.

Try for a wide variety of perfume samples. Get an account on eBay and start bidding on the huge perfume lots they have available. It may cost you a little bit more money than at Sephora or a free sample website, but if you're a smart bidder, you will not have to pay much more than shipping and handling for a ton of great perfume samples.

Check out the official websites of perfumes you like. Sometimes on the official website of a perfume, the company will be offering free samples. All you have to do is enter your contact information and the company will ship your perfume samples to your door.

Write to the perfume company. Sometimes if you tell a company you like a product it offers, it will send you free samples of something else to try. This is no different for a company that makes perfume. Tell it you are looking forward to trying one of its perfumes, and chances are it will send you back a free sample in the mail.