How to Get a Pig Butchered

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When you purchase a pig from a farm to eat, the first thing you do is get it butchered. Getting a pig butchered consists of taking the carcass to the butcher shop and deciding on which cuts of meat you need. This process is fairly easy because you are not the one butchering the pig yourself, an expert is doing it for you. The butcher will be able to recommend certain parts of the pig and they will also know how to handle each cut. Getting a pig butchered allows you to get customized pieces of pork that you won’t otherwise get at a supermarket.

Purchase a pig from your local farm. It may be best to get a pig that is fed an organic diet - it may be healthier for you and your family. Pigs that are not on an organic farm tend to be fed a diet that can have traces of pesticides and other things that are unhealthy. When you go to the farm, you will be able to pick the pig. The farmer will slaughter it, clean it and pack it up for you.

Take the pig to your local butcher. If you are having trouble finding a butcher, the pig farmer may be able to recommend one. You may want to contact your local butcher first and inquire about bringing in meat. The butcher may charge you more because you are bringing in a whole pig.

Discuss what you want to do with the pig. Choose the various cuts of meat that you want from it. You can get bacon, pork chops, pork loin, ribs and other cuts. The butcher can also grind some of the meat to make sausages and use the intestines as the sausage casings. The butcher will write up the order and give you a time when your meat will be ready.

Pick up your meat from the butcher when it is ready. Your meat will come wrapped in the traditional brown paper. You will have various cuts of pork that you can smoke, fry, bake, barbecue and saute.