How to Freeze Ground Beef


Ground beef is a food staple in most homes, but the way it is packaged in the store does cause a glaring problem--when you want to use it, the tube packaging makes it difficult to defrost the entire package in time for cooking. Instead of leaving your packaged ground beef under hot water all day long to defrost it, there is an easier and more effective way that involves placing the ground beef in a different package. Continue reading this article to find out how to freeze ground beef for easy defrosting.

Open the ground beef package but do not remove the ground beef.

Open a large freezer bag and hold with your left hand.

Place the ground beef inside the bag with your right hand until there is no ground beef left.

Close the bag when you are done filling it with ground beef.

Flatten the bag as much as possible.

Place the bag in the freezer.

The USDA recommends placing ground beef in a closed plastic bag under cold water for 30 minutes to an hour for defrosting. Change the water once or twice until the meat is fully thawed.