How to Fold a Windbreaker Into a Pouch

Tim Klein/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Sometimes it's hard to tell what the weather will be like. You don't know whether to wear a coat in case it's too cold, or put on a rain jacket in case there is a storm. While it's no fun to have to carry around heavy foul-weather gear when it's nice out, it's even worse to be caught in the middle of something because you didn't leave the house prepared. Windbreakers are perfect for these kinds of situations. They are water resistant, add an extra layer to keep you warm, and best of all, windbreakers are lightweight. As soon as the sun comes out, you can take your windbreaker off, fold it up into a pouch and stash it in a pocket.

Shake the windbreaker out thoroughly if it is wet. Any wet object folded in on itself and put into a warm, dark place is just asking for mold.

Fold the arms of the windbreaker across the front of the windbreaker so they cross one another to make an “X.”

Fold the windbreader lengthwise, keeping the crossed arms of the windbreaker inside the fold. Try to keep all the lining, which is not water resistant, inside the fold as well.

Roll the windbreaker tightly, from top to bottom, into a small, roughly cylindrical shape. You should now be able to tuck it neatly into an appropriately sized pouch or pocket.