How to Fix Smelly Suede Leather Sandals

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Suede sandals are comfortable and durable. Unfortunately, they can become smelly after prolonged use and sweating. In fact, the odor emanating from your sandals may be so stinky that you are embarrassed to be around other people. Take action rather than hiding your head in shame, however. Eliminate the nasty odor once and for all. There are many methods that will reduce the odor and leave your sandals fresher than ever.

Clean your sandals. You need to remove dirt that may be contributing to the stench. Use a nail file to remove dried dirt and mud. Simply rub the file in one direction over dirty spots. Never rub too hard because this can damage your suede. Complete the process by brushing the sandals with a suede brush. Always brush gently in one direction and start at the top of the sandal and move down.

Pour baking soda into the sandals. The baking soda will neutralize smelly odors. Leave the baking soda in the shoes until you wear them again. Then turn them upside down and pour the baking soda out.

Use fabric softener sheets to eliminate nasty odors. Place one sheet inside each sandal until you wear them again.

Fight odor with cat litter. Find an old pair of socks and fill each one to the halfway point with cat litter. Tie a knot in each sock and place them inside the sandals. Leave the socks in your sandals until you are ready to wear them again.

Use activated charcoal to eliminate odor in your sandals. You can buy this at a hardware store. Then find a pair of old pantyhose and cut them in half. Fill each leg to the halfway point with the charcoal and tie the legs in a knot. Place the pantyhose inside the sandals for a week or until you wear them again.