How to Fix a Zipper Tie

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A hung zipper is one of the most annoying problems to confront, whether it be on your pants, your jacket or your tie. Zipper Ties are specially made, pre-tied neck ties that require only the quick zip of a zipper to secure them around your collar. These Zipper Tie zippers can get caught like regular zippers, but are fixable just the same.

Turn the tie over and check to make sure no threads or pieces of dust are disrupting the line of the zipper. Pull out any pieces of thread and run the zipper up and down to make sure there aren't any other obstructions.

Inspect the zipper teeth to make sure none of them have been crushed or misshapen. If they have, slide the pull out of the way and tweak the tooth with the pair of pliers until it appears similar to the adjacent teeth.

Pull the zipper completely closed. If the zipper is stuck where one side of the zipper has shifted through the pull more than another side, rub a soap bar or candlestick along the zipper teeth on both sides. Run the pull up and down along the lubricated teeth and attempt to slip it over the stuck area. Turn the pull to one side and wiggle the shifted side of the zipper.

Pour vinegar into a dish. Fold the zipper lengthwise so that the two fabric sides are touching and the zipper teeth are exposed. Dip them into the vinegar and run the pull up and down to clear out any dirt that may be stuck between the teeth. Rinse the vinegar away with clean water.

Remove the stop at the bottom of the zipper. If the shifted zipper just won't come out straight, use the pliers to peel the metal stops off of the end of the zipper. The stop keeps the zipper sitting at the base, but it is simply a sliver of metal bent to clasp on either side of the fabric. Grip the fabric on the side of the zipper and peel the end of the stop off on each side. Slide the pull completely off of the zipper and then replace it so that both sides meet evenly at the base. Replace the stops on either side.