How to Fix a Broken Pencil Skirt Zipper

The zipper of a pencil skirt often appears at the hip or the middle of the back, and is covered over by extra fabric. This helps to create the smooth line that the pencil skirt is known for, without being broken up by an unsightly metal zipper. Pencil skirt zippers can be difficult to work with because they are thin and can easily catch the excess fabric in the teeth. Frustrated zipperers who are trying to remove fabric from the teeth of a zipper have been known to pull the zipper so hard that the slider comes off.

Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the side slat of the slider that is on the same side as the zipper stop.

Use the screwdriver to pry open the slider just enough so it will fit over the teeth of the zipper.

Push the opened slider onto the center of the zipper on the side with the sipper stop. Make sure the slider covers the teeth entirely, and is nearly touching fabric.

Practice moving the slider up and down the zipper until you have smooth movement, then bring the slider all the way down to the zipper stop. Use the pliers to close the slider the rest of the way.

Insert the other side of the zipper into the slider and zip up your pencil skirt.