How to Undo a Zipper Stuck on a Delicate Blouse

by David Lipscomb ; Updated September 28, 2017

Stuck zippers occasionally require extra encouragement.

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It happens to everyone at some point. A stuck zipper has the tendency to occur at the least opportune moment, whether you're rushing off to work or trying to take things off to finally relax. This problem is compounded when the problem zipper is part of a delicate blouse, since you can't just yank on it until it comes free. Everyday hand soap comes to the rescue, lubricating the zipper and washing out easily without harm to your garment.

Apply a small dab of liquid hand soap to the tip of a cotton swab.

Work the soap in and around the zipper opening.

Work the zipper slowly back and forth until it comes free.

Hand wash the garment or machine wash it on the gentle cycle in your washing machine, as directed by the blouse's care tag instructions.


  • Other household items like lip balm and window cleaner might also work, but you'll want to test such products on a discrete area of the blouse first to check for staining.

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