How to Find Sample Sales

Sample sales are a great way to buy discounted designer clothes. Howeveer, it can be difficult to find out where and when these sales are taking place, if you don't know where to look. Read on to learn how to find designer sample sales any day of the week.

Specialized Websites:

The following websites offer consistently updated listings of sample sales that take place both online and in cities across the nation.

Daily Candy: Top Button: Sample Sale Dot Com: Thrillist: Style Bakery:

Check these sites often, for updates. Sample sales don't last very long, and you don't want to miss one!

Fashion Blogs:

Fashion blogs are a great way to discover new sample sales. There are quite a few fashion blogs out there, so find several that you like, and check back daily to see whether they have posted sample sale listings. If the blog has a search function, type in "sample sale" to make sure it does list sales sales from time to time.

Warehouse Sales:

Some large-scale sample sales are known as "warehouse sales," so don't forget to include this term in your search. Warehouse sales are put on not only by designers,but by stores selling designer clothing, like Barneys. Warehouse sales tend to be more heavily advertised than sample sales, and a simple Google search may reveal a lot.

Those on the West Coast can find warehouse sale info at the following website:

Warehouse Sale 411:

Those on the East Coast shouldn't have a problem finding out about big warehouse sales put on by stores like Intermix and Barney's. Simply visit the store's website to find out when the next warehouse sale will take place.

Online Sample Sales

There are ways to shop sample sales online. For tips on how to do so, scroll to the bottom of this article for a link to the eHow article, "How to buy designer clothes online for cheap."