How to Find a Haircut for Thinning Hair

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Finding the right haircut to mask thinning hair can be a concern for men with a receding hairline.

This is how to find a haircut for thinning hair.

Communicate with your hairstylist and be open about your receding hairline concerns. You should feel comfortable talking about how to effectively style your hair to make it appear more full. Thinning hair is a sensitive topic, it's time to move on a deal with your hair loss.

Consider your type of hair in order to find a thinning haircut style. Wavy hair works best with a short to medium level layering. Straighter hair will appear more dense in a cropped style haircut.

Purchase thinning hair treatment products to add more volume. This can be an effective way to add thickness. Evaluate your hair's reaction to the products and adjust your thinning hair haircut accordingly. The added thickness may allow you to be more creative with your haircut.