How to Easily Put the Ball on a Lip Ring

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Changing a ball onto a lip ring is a straightforward way to alter your body piercing look on a day to day basis. Two types of lip rings exist: the circular barbell and the ball closure ring. Circular barbells resemble a horseshoe shape and are fit with two balls. Ball closures are designed with one ball that connects both ends of the ring. Whatever type of lip ring you possess, putting on a ball will take you no time at all.

Purchase a UV or stainless steel ball. UV balls are purposed for UV high-density plastic rings. Stainless steel balls are suited for stainless steel rings. Buy a ball matching the gauge of your current ring. Buy two balls if you have a circular barbell design. Ask a body piercing specialist or lip ring dealer for help in choosing the appropriate size.

Slide on latex gloves to prevent oil and grime on your skin from contacting the ball or ring. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Clean the fresh ball with the swab. Place the ball on a clean towel for use in later steps.

Unscrew the current ball on your ring by hand if you have a circular barbell design. Hold the ring with one hand and carefully clamp the ball with a set of stainless steel ring opening pliers with the other hand -- if you have a ball closure design. Unscrew the closure ball with the pliers.

Remove the old ball. Clean it with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, then place it onto the towel.

Screw the fresh ball onto the ring by hand until it is tight. Use pliers, as necessary, to tighten and secure the ball closure ring to the fresh ball. Repeat Steps three through five if you have two fresh balls for a circular barbell design.