How to Dry Pantyhose in a Hurry

How to Dry Pantyhose in a Hurry. Nylon fibers often have the luster that we associate with silk, and they are used to make pantyhose. They can also be made to look like natural fibers such as cotton. Nylon is low maintenance, does not require ironing and dries quickly when washed.

Lay the pantyhose out on a clean, dry, absorbent towel. Roll the towel up into a tube with the pantyhose rolled inside. Squeeze gently to remove moisture from pantyhose. Unroll the towel and lay the hose flat on a second dry towel. They would finish air drying in a few minutes.

Drape the pantyhose over a towel rack and dry them quickly with a blow dryer set on low, cool speed. Be careful not to set the hair dryer on high or hot, because too much heat burns or melts nylons.

Clip them onto a hanger using plastic or rubber cloths clips or clothespins. Go easy so you don't snag the fabric and cause runs. Hang the hanger in front of a table or window fan and let the breeze dry them fast.

Toss your clean wet nylons into your salad spinner. Close the top securely and turn it on. Spin the water out of your pantyhose in seconds.

Put them on while they are still damp if it is summertime and you are in a hurry. The cool fabric might feel good, and pantyhose finishes drying fine while you wear them. Be careful they are only damp and not wet because sitting in wet pantyhose leads to a wet dress.