How to Dry Bib Overalls

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An often-overlooked step in clothes washing is the drying process. How you dry your clothes can be more important than what temperature or what setting you washed them with. Different clothes need to be dried different ways, and bib overalls are no exception. If you want to make sure you get years of use out of your bib overalls, there are a few different ways you can dry them to minimize wear and tear.

In the Dryer

Set the dryer cycle and temperature according to the manufacturer's label. If the label is missing or unreadable, it is safest to use the lowest temperature and the gentlest setting.

Turn your bib overalls inside-out and secure the clasps. Leaving them unsecured will result in unnecessary wear on the clasps and a loud racket from the dryer. Turning the overalls inside-out further protects the clasps by putting a layer of fabric between them and the dryer wall.

Run your dryer until your overalls are dry. Check them periodically to see if they are dry, as unnecessary drying creates unnecessary wear.

On a Clothesline

Turn your bib overalls inside out and fasten the clasps. This will help keep the overalls from getting bleached by the sun.

Flatten your overalls to their normal shape. Smooth out any creases or folds in the overalls to minimize ironing later.

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Fasten your overalls to the clothesline upside down. Attaching them by the legs will help conceal any stretching caused by hanging from the clothesline. Leave them hanging until they are dry.