How to Dry Down Coats

by Jeremy Cato ; Updated September 28, 2017

Those thick, puffy, down-filled jackets are popular for their warmth and style, but they can be unusually difficult to clean. The coats are usually made from synthetic materials vulnerable to heat damage. After washing, they must be dried carefully to avoid warping or damaging the fabric and exposing the down filling. There are two good methods to do this.

Machine Drying

Place the coat into the dryer.

Set the dryer to its lowest heat setting and "Tumble Dry."

Dry the coat in the dryer for several hours until dry to the touch, checking the coat hourly for signs of damage.

Air Drying

Hang the damp coat on the edge of a door or on a coat hanger in a room.

Turn the electric heater on its highest setting.

Close all doors to the room and allow the jacket to dry for hours in the room. It will take more than 12 hours for the jacket to dry, but this gives the least risk of damage.

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