How to Dry Clean Suede at Home

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Suede is a type of leather specially processed for a rough look. The warm and durable fabric is often used for jackets and furniture and has a long life expectancy. Suede and water do not mix, so cleaning the item may be difficult. The best solution is to keep it clean, but this is not always possible. Sending a suede garment to the cleaner can cost a premium, but through a process of dry cleaning, you can resolve the issue at home.

Rub the entire surface with a dry hand or bath towel. This will fluff the material and release any loose dirt or debris.

Gently rub the pencil eraser in a circular motion on any dirt spots until they disappear.

Pour a small amount of white vinegar onto the towel. Rub it into any stubborn stains that did not come out with the use of the eraser. Allow the item to dry. If spots remain, repeat the process.

Gently stroke the suede fabric back into its natural lay using a wire brush.