How to Draw Out an Ingrown Hair

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Ingrown hairs are familiar to those who regularly remove hair from their bodies, whether through depilatory creams, waxing, sugaring or shaving. Ingrown hairs can be painful and unattractive. If you have an ingrown hair, you do not need to grin and bear it; you can easily draw out the hair yourself for immediate relief.

Place a small amount of cosmetic clay into a small bowl or dish.

Place a few drops of eucalyptus oil onto the clay and mix. Add water as necessary to form a paste.

Apply a small amount of clay to the ingrown hair, covering the bump completely. Make sure that the paste is spread on smoothly.

Place an adhesive bandage onto the ingrown hair bump to cover the clay. Leave the mixture on overnight.

Wash the clay off in the morning with warm water, and use a cotton swab to apply a drop or two of eucalyptus oil to the infected area.

Repeat these steps for two to three nights, until the ingrown hair has been exposed.

Use tweezers to pluck out the hair, which may encourage the follicle to produce hair that grows straighter and does not have a tendency to be ingrown.