How to Drain Pasta

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Knowing how to drain pasta properly is a basic kitchen skill which will enable cooks to create beautiful and flavorful dishes for family members and guests. Draining pasta improperly can lead to dry and sticky or slimy and tasteless results. Serving restaurant-quality pasta dinners at home takes a small amount of time and patience and a little knowledge and skill, but will allow you to serve beautiful and delicious meals to family members and guests.

Place a footed colander into a dry, clean sink.

Remove boiling pasta from the stove just before it is finished cooking the way you prefer. Pasta will continue cooking after removal from heat, and waiting too long to drain will cause overcooking.

Pour the contents of the pot slowly into the colander.

Lift the colander and shake lightly. Allow it to stand until visible water has drained from the colander.

Toss the pasta with sauce immediately. The pasta must still be slightly damp in order for the sauce to properly cling to it.