How to Do Makeup to Hide Sagging Jowls


0:04 hi guys its Chelsea Baker professional

0:07 cosmetologist of five years today I'm

0:09 going to show you how to apply makeup to

0:10 hide sagging jowls now if you have

0:12 sagging jowls I'm sure you're wondering

0:14 about some ways that you can hide that

0:16 we're going to hide that by doing some

0:19 contouring and some highlighting I'm

0:22 going to use a brown eyeshadow for my

0:24 contour color and I'm going to apply

0:26 that right on the jaw bone just

0:31 following right along the jaw to kind of

0:39 hide that and blend a little bit with

0:40 your finger I'm then going to take my

0:44 highlighting color which is just a nice

0:47 light translucent powder and I'm going

0:50 to put that right above where I just

0:54 contoured it's going to create like a

0:57 fake jawline and it's going to draw

0:59 attention away from the sagging you're

1:04 going to want to put light everywhere

1:06 you want the attention go and to put

1:08 dark where you don't want the attention

1:10 I'm also going to take a little bit of

1:13 highlighter and put it just right on top

1:17 of the cheekbone because it's going to

1:19 draw attention towards the other parts

1:22 of the face and less attention towards

1:25 the jowl you can even take the brown and

1:34 apply it a little further down onto the

1:37 neck towards the chin and up towards the

1:41 ear almost in a v-shape and back down

1:44 the neck it's just going to add a little

1:47 even more definition and kind of mask

1:51 that sagging gel well there you go

1:54 that's how you apply makeup to sagging

1:56 gels if you have any more Beauty

1:57 questions feel free to ask see you next

1:59 time

2:00 you