How to Do an Evenly Cut Goatee

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Every man is different, but the look of an evenly cut goatee gives each man a truly distinctive but classic appearance. Not all men are able to grow the facial hair required to have a goatee. Individuals with the pleasure of having ample facial hair can easily cut a neat goatee with a little patience, self-honesty and a quality pair of clippers.

Wash your face and shampoo your facial hair. Allow your hair to dry thoroughly. Never cut wet hair; hair appears longer when wet.

Take a long look in the mirror. Study your face and the way in which your facial hair grows. Determine the length and shape you wish your goatee to be. Brush your facial hair normally to ensure the hair is lying the way you plan to wear it.

Attach the cutting guard that fits your desired hair length to the clippers and turn them on. Follow the natural flow of your hair, cutting your beard, mustache and cheek hair. Brush off excess hair.

Check your facial hair for an all-around even cut and make adjustments as necessary.

Turn on your trimmers and, going the opposite way of your natural hair growth, cut the hair on your neck and cheeks. Leave only your mustache, chin hair and the lines of hair on the side of your mouth which connect the two.

Check your goatee for an all-around even cut and make adjustments as necessary.