How to Distress Jeans with a Razor

Wikimedia Commons

What exactly are distressed jeans? Well, distressed jeans are the jeans that appear to have a worn and torn look to them. Distressed jeans are very quickly rising in popularity. If you have an old pair of jeans and you would like to give them the new and popular distressed look, it is possible to do this at home, on your own, without purchasing a new pair of jeans. All you need to have is a razor, small block of wood and your jeans.

Gather the essential things that you need to complete this project: your jeans, a small, flat piece of wood and a disposable razor.

Locate the part of your jeans that you would like to have the new, distressed look on. Generally, you won't want to give every part of your jeans the new look, as you would literally be destroying your jeans. Find just a small area of the jeans that you most want the distressed look on.

Gather the flat piece of wood and place it under the section of the jeans you will be giving the new look to. Now, take your disposable razor and carefully begin to shave the fabric. Using the razor, stroke the fabric away from your hand and body. Be careful not to completely destroy your jeans in this process.

Blow the disposable razor clear of the fabric and lint while you are shaving, in order to prevent clogging of the razor. Remember to check your jeans quite regularly to see if you have your desired result. Continue shaving the jeans only until you have the desired appearance you want.