How to Display Handbags in Retail

handbag image by Cristian Ilie Ionescu from

Handbags are the quintessential accessory for women. Stylish but useful, a handbag is used to augment your style and keep your personal items safe. If you run a retail store or small boutique, finding a creative way to display your handbags can often be a challenge. Many handbags look best when hanging, but static hangers are not always the most interesting methods for displaying new product. There are several ways in which to add some kick to your handbag display.

Use custom knobs and hooks instead of the generic stainless steel sort you traditionally find in retail stores. For instance, vintage doorknobs add flavor to your store but also make excellent handbag hangers.

Buy a few plate stands for clutches and other items displayed on a counter. Plate stands raise products off the glass and make them seem more important to customers.

Add a few of your favorite handbags to mannequins sporting appropriate outfits. Many buyers enjoy shopping for complete outfits. Therefore, displaying the perfect bag for that new dress can be effective in encouraging people to buy it.

Pick up some modern and stylish coat racks to mount the handbags in your store. Coat racks are the perfect size for hanging most handbags, and can be picked up in interesting designs at a relatively low cost.

Feature handbags in your window displays. If you want to make handbags an important element of your retail sales, they need to be an integral part of all your displays.