How to Dimple a Necktie


0:00 Hi my name is Mark Breaux. I've been working in men tailored clothing for about 25 years

0:05 now and I'm here to demonstrate the proper way to tie a neck tie and get the dimple put

0:13 in it correctly, the proper length. You start out with the tie, the wide side of the tie

0:21 over one side. The knot I'm going to demonstrate here is the full Windsor. It ties it broader

0:30 even knot not angle like the foreign hand. First thing off you cross over the top and

0:38 then you want to look at this you’re going to wrap this side, this length of the tie

0:43 around both legs of this part of the tie. So, the first one you go completely around

0:51 that one leg right there. Then you take tie and pass it underneath and then you’re going

0:56 to wrap it around this side. Then pull it down and then back to the other side. Then

1:04 you pull it tight by pulling down and across your chest. And, that ties a fairly, makes

1:09 a small triangle and U shape there that's the form of the tie or the base. Then you

1:16 take this lead in and cross it over the face up through the neck and down through that

1:23 cross where you cross over the face of the knot. Then you pull it down and the tie is

1:30 always going to have a natural tendency to want to slide, this here face of the tie,

1:36 it's going to want to slide up above the knot. So, what you need to do is you need to pull

1:40 this down, sometimes pushing up from the bottom and then that gives you a nice triangle and

1:45 a small here at the bottom. Also, to put the dimple in a lot of times it just occurs naturally

1:50 but, you just want to kick sides in and push them forward so you get a nice dimple. Then

1:55 tighten it up. Also, when you judging the length of the tie it should fall below the

2:02 waist band of the trousers or if you’re wearing a belt just slightly, the tip should

2:07 be slightly below the belt. That's going to give you proper presentation and also the

2:11 tag end of the tie, the small part, there's usually label or keeper on the underneath

2:16 side just slip it through there and that keeps it from sticking out to the side giving you

2:23 a poor presentation. So, that's how you dimple a neck tie.